System&Technology – B-52

A Remarkable Debut

At B-52, modern luxury is expressed in six simple elements, executed through advanced building practices to deliver comfort, design, and wellbeing to its residents.


The ventilation system of B-52 was designed by UK specialists that execute large scale projects worldwide. High-quality airflow is ensured by the latest generation of MVHR energy-saving systems. In every room, HEPA level (PM2.5) purified air is circulated while recuperating heating and cooling in every room. With these systems, 93% of heat is retained in the building reducing utility bills by several thousand leva per year. More importantly, this energy efficiency greatly reduces the carbon footprint of the building.



B-52 masterfully blends the patina and textures of the historic neighborhood with clean, modern lines and architectural refinement. The exterior contrasts white stone pilasters with a sophisticated, reclaimed brick ventilated facade. Floor to ceiling windows reveal sweeping views over the historic center with glimpses of Sofia’s monuments and Vitosha mountain – a backdrop to the cityscape. B-52 sits harmoniously in the urban fiber as an elegant contributor to the renaissance of this colorful neighborhood


In designing B-52, a key priority was affording residents the experience of natural daylight cycles as much as possible. Floor to ceiling windows flood all the homes with daylight. In the evenings, bio-sensitive ambient lighting dims the overhead lights of the common areas and illuminates walkways to promote rest and relaxation at the end of the day.



Few people realize that sound is one of the biggest stressors in the city. We don’t pay attention to it, but this constant background noise affects the well being of a person. The endeavor to ensure a quiet and peaceful living space for B-52 began with a full acoustic diagnosis of the structure and the neighborhood. A 60page report by leading UK acoustic engineer ….. detailed a full action plan custom-designed for the building. A level of ≥56 dB sound insulation in each residence was achieved as well as minimized environmental noise from indoor building installations. Floors are also dampened with an insulating membrane that quiets up to 24 Db of impact noise.



In every aspect of the design of B-52 was a pursuit of elegance and optimization. Every residence is delivered smarthome ready and each parking space has a built-in power supply for charging electric cars. The access to the premises in the building will be done through a Biometric Fingerprint Sensor system, which guarantees convenient, trouble-free and fast passage in all parts of the building – from the entrance door, through the underground parking to the individual homes. Back-up power is provided to the building by a UPS power supply instead of a traditional diesel unit, ensuring power to the building and garage lifts.



CT52 and the entire B-52 team is committed to doing our part for a sustainable future. We feel that living in the presence of nature is the greatest luxury and our core mission is to bring that experience closer to people living in the city center. Aside from the energy-efficient systems through the building, every available interior and exterior space will be planted with greenery.
Sofia has the richest biodiversity of birds of any European Capital. In a small gesture to give something back to nature, integrated birdhouses will be incorporated into the facade of the building. B52 will be the first building in Sofia to show responsibility and care for the wild birds of the city.